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About us

Hello everybody! I am Nishant Saxena 43, I have more than 10 years of experience in website development and their maintenance; the most respectable website in my career in website development working in Chandigarh IT Park, (Chandigarh UT, India) is the website of Punjab Technical University, PTU, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. In my whole career, I have developed a few thousand websites. Therefore, I want to raise awareness among peoples those who are in website development or operating IT related business, I will discuss about several website development processes and the tips and tricks we should follow while developing a good, graceful, and successful website.

Reason for shifting from Chandigarh UT India (Job Place) to Aligarh UP India (Hometown) and starting this website work (as I know few things in Website Development) is my major accident in Chandigarh IT Park on 1st June,2011.

I want to say something about my education. I did DOEACC “B” Level From Chandigarh UT, India which is equivalent to Masters in Computer Application (MCA) and is a two-year postgraduate program that focuses on computer applications, before that I did DOEACC “A” Level from Altica Green, Aligarh, UP, India, which is equivalent to advance diploma in computer courses and I also did, DOEACC “O” Level which is equivalent to Foundation Computer Courses and during these diplomas, I did few hardware diplomas and short term diplomas in computers.

I'm a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.) graduate and I completed my graduation degree from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, India.

In my career I developed locks and hardware manufacturers, traders, suppliers, exporters, dealers' websites and a few websites of real estate and some more websites of jewelry shops.

And some websites of hotels, restaurants, food corners and other retail outlets I developed and run successfully. Earlier I worked in the real estate sector and developed some websites for real estate owners, agents, dealers, and some more websites for other construction companies dealing in scaffolding and fittings.

To conclude, about saying to myself, I would like to say one thing which is very important for me, and you should know that developing and maintaining websites of all levels of complexity whether it is of basic, beginner or containing complex things in a website, to complete and achieve the task working to exact level what is required is my hobby. At present I am also continuously grabbing more and more knowledge about developing and maintaining websites of all levels. Whatever new things I learned I would like to share (including existing ones also) here in this blog among you all blog subscriber, visitors of this blog related to website development process and maintaining websites and similar things which every person should know who are into website development.