Quick checklist for website traffic and SEO

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Quick checklist for website traffic and SEO

Sometimes the novice webmaster needs a step-by-step guide to the basics of SEO. The beast known as search engine optimization may be too much for a beginner to understand in the first days and months of building and promotion. This checklist includes everything the beginner needs to know about SEO for their new website.

Convince Customer

Start a website built on value. The visitor wants to buy your product or service, but you must convince them why they NEED it with great product information.

Proper & early implementation of keywords

1. Use keywords early

The primary keyword (s) for a website should be used within the first 25 words of every article. The remaining instances need to be spread out with one in the closing paragraph. If possible, in the initial phase; search engines will take some time to crawl and index web pages.

2. Use only targeted keywords

The keywords you use will be indexed by search engines. The search engines are where most of your traffic will originate. The reader wants to find content, products and services that embody that keyword.

Website traffic and SEO, Quick checklist, Convince customer, Proper & early implementation of keywords, Simple interface. Secondary photo.

Simple interface (if required functionality can be complex)

Simple website designs are the best. The reader does not want to be overcome with angst when they hit your front page. Too much movement and clutter can have the same effect as rush hour traffic. Simple is better.


Build your website with quality depth. The more content on your website about your product or service the better. With each new page, make sure to bookmark and submit that page specific URL to search engine and directories.


Check out your competitors. Doing a search for your keyword and checking out each of the websites ranked about you on the search engine rankings page is essential to success. These websites are doing something better than you, so find out what it is. How old is their website? How many backlinks do they have? What is their keyword density per article? These facts can all help you build your site.

Search Analytics

Website analytics are the key to understanding your visitor. Website analytics break down the incoming traffic stats for every website. These stats can include the keyword used to visit the website, the country of origin and whether the hit was earned from a search engine or link. The most effective marketing campaigns will be built on these results.

Real-time response

Give the visitor something to say HELLO. Once the visitor hits your home page, what reason do they have to return? Free e-books, newsletters and coupons are all a great way to keep a visitor coming back for more.

Expertise in website content making

Expertise is crucial. Anyone can rewrite content on the Internet, but an expert can give that information a formal push. The more you know about your niche, the more the content will feel like it is coming from an expert. Give the reader something new and exciting to read and they will subscribe to your feed and come back for more.

Social media integration

Integrate social networking tools. Social networking is the best way to get out the word about your website. With a SHARE type tool, the visitor can click one button and share your website with everyone on their friend list. This could mean more traffic and more money in your pocket.

Building a website right the first time will reduce the amount of time spent fixing build and marketing mistakes. This checklist is very simple and by no way includes all of the things you need to do to run an effective online business. But following these tips will get your site off to the right start every time.

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