Few mistakes not to do when adding images to your website, we suggest that you think of a paid plan.

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Few mistakes not to do when adding images to your website, we propose that you consider a paid plan

If you are putting jointly a rock-hard marketing plan, don’t forget about adding the small, medium, and big-sized images to your website. We cannot reject the significance of photos in the here and now. According to figures, articles containing photos attract a lot more views, especially articles related to informative websites, than the ones that are posted without images. Without any hesitation, images are quite attractive and striking; and make your website full of colors. In this article, we are going to talk about some general mistakes that we must avoid when hosting images on our website on hosting servers. Read on too and discover more about them one by one.

1:) Reduce the image size {size not height x width but image size in KB or MB (kilobyte or megabyte)}

No one likes to wait for big images to load in the browser; usually, what they do, they switch to another website. Almost all the surfers/website visitors don’t wait more than 3 seconds for the big images to load and keep loading on their laptop, phones, I-pad, or desktop computers. And they don’t wait more than 5 seconds when using their cellular phones. So, if your images take longer than 6 seconds to launch on these devices, you may lose a lot of prospective customers, straight. In 2-3 seconds, a full web page is assumed to be opened in the browser and the website visitor in no way waits 4-5 seconds for a single image to load.

So, what you need to do is reduce the size of the images to 500 Kilobytes maximum, if possible. This will allow images to load much faster at lighting fast speed, which almost all surfers like regardless of the device users are using.

2:) Rename the image files {search engine optimization (SEO) point of view, much-required thing}

Make sure you don’t take too lightly the significance of renaming your image files. It is not a good idea to keep the default software name for your images. As far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, you may want to add your primary keywords and Meta tag words to the names of the image we use on the web page. But isn’t unnecessarily put keywords and Meta tag words in the image names. Only put that is required and relevant to the image.

Separately from this, you may want to write a description of the image and alt (alternative text), if in case that image didn’t available on the server, and include your primary keywords for proper optimization, if required and suitable to that image. If you don’t go after this, put it into practice, search engine crawlers won’t index your images in the database.

3:) Add image descriptions

Just like photos, don’t pay attention to consider the alt tags. First and foremost, they are text alternatives to photos. If you want your websites to attain higher rankings in major search engines like google.com, make sure you add an informative description, and do not forget it.

The description should be in English for all the photos. And don’t make the mistake of adding too many keywords or phrases, Meta tag words as it will spoil your search engine rankings.

4:) Use the right file extension like .gif, .jpg, .png, etc.

Make sure your website always contains the correct type of image files if required. These days, you can create images in different formats according to your needs. However, the most common extensions are JPG, GIF, JPEG, and PNG these days. PNG is an ideal choice if you want your photos to maintain the quality despite how many times you edit and save them, and the PNG format image files can be low as well.

5:) Don’t use distorted (give a misleading or impression of) images

Many factors can distort an image. Image misrepresentation is another universal problem that you may face as far as editing images is concerned, mainly in context to website development. Make sure that your images are not stretched out of the box, as they may misrepresent the topic we are talking about. You should always put into practice using the original version of your desired photos. In Photoshop, you can use the preview feature to make a comparison between different versions of the images with previous ones.

In short, we suggest that keep away yourself from these few commonly happen mistakes when it comes to hosting images on your website and in its applications. We will be penalized greatly if we make these mistakes again.

Title/Topic - Few mistakes not to do when adding images to your website, we suggest that you think of a paid plan.