Responsive and User-friendly best practices of November 2023 for building simple websites

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Responsive and User-friendly best practices of November 2023 for building simple websites

As many as 88% of online shoppers will never return to a business's website after a bad experience. As a result, 70% of internet businesses fail due to poor website usage. If your website is not user friendly, you will start losing customers.

Improve the link configuration

Website link should be straight forward and simple; not confusing at all not puzzling. Website navigation links should be clearly visible to the user.

People visiting your website will not browse if your navigation bar confuses them. If they leave your site without navigating to other pages, your bounce rate will increase.

High bounce rates can hurt your digital advertising brand and your organic search rankings. In other words, your return on investment will decrease.

Avoid putting too many pages in the navigation bar, which can confuse visitors. Instead, create links to the most relevant parent pages.


  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact us
  • Service Page/Product Page
  • Blog

Add a section next to the parent page to create a post instead of linking to each page in the navigation bar. Make sure your logo is linked to the home page for easy access. You can also use drop-down lists, drop-down menus, on-page links, or text-based icons to make navigation easier. Make sure to use all alt text and icons you use. Choose an easy-to-read font for easy navigation.

When posting any advice on these websites, it's important to consider your desktop and mobile visitors. A responsive website ensures that your content is easy to see on all devices.

Don't force visitors to scroll too much to find navigation options. For mobile users, add a navigation bar or button at the bottom of the page.

Organize your content on the website – write up on each webpage should be observed closely & present clearly on all available devices.

Before creating your website, determine what content will appear on each page.

Web design and content thrive when created in tandem. Too much text can make your design look messy. Many design elements will make important keywords and call-to-action language disappear. Instead, create a flexible balance between the two.

For example, you can combine images and data by creating well-designed infographics. Break your large body of text into smaller paragraphs with shorter sentences to improve readability. When you can, use numbered or bulleted notes instead. Use headings h1, h2,h3, h4, h5 ,h6 in html and subheadings to organize your ideas. This text change will make it easier for users to navigate and digest your content. If people don't find what they want right away, they may leave.

Be sure to consider the text of your website. Simple text will make it easier for visitors to find and consume information. Stick to basic fonts that are legible and easy to read on all devices.

Website design with mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, and other devices; keep in mind.

More than 86% of mobile users use mobile devices to browse the web. About 83% of these users expect a seamless experience when visiting your website. Currently, 70% of the traffic you generate will come from mobile devices.

For a straightforward yet responsive website, design with your cellular phone users in mind.

To try:

  • Use the maximum available width.
  • Make the key simple.
  • Download high resolution images.
  • Using dynamic CSS media queries.
  • Easy format and online purchase option.
  • Talk to a web hosting company. With their help, you can attract mobile visitors, which can lead to other sales.

Discuss plans with a website developing professional

Get expert advice and the right strategy for your business!

  1. How Simple Web Design Can Promote Business.
  2. What is the structure and the things that make sense?

Add a strong CTA (call to action): Point to Consider On Priority From Initial Phase Of Development - IMPORTANT

A strong call to action (CTA) will help you convert visitors into sales. To improve user experience on your website, turn text CTAs into visual buttons. Make sure that the color between the buttons, the button text, and the page background contrast.

Choose a clear, concise, and quick CTA. Try not to overuse your buttons, though. Stick to your brand colors, combine them with shadow placement and gradients to attract the visitor's attention.

Accept the negative space

Almost 40% of the people who visit your site will stop interacting with your content because of poor layout. In fact, almost 39% will judge your site in one glance before leaving. If your website is confusing or unsightly, you may start turning off potential leads.

Instead, give your content room to breathe. Start by acknowledging the power of negative space.

If there are too many images or large blocks of text on the page, you will overwhelm the visitors. Instead, take a smaller approach. Like the best web design, negative space is an effective way to keep your page clean and improves readability.

Use responsive images

If your website starts to slow down, it can harm visitors. Use responsive images to increase your page load time. Fast loading pages are important to your user experience and search engine optimization efforts. There are plugins you can use to turn your photos into responsive images.

Call the office

If you have trouble implementing these tips, hire an experienced web design company in San Diego. Their experience and expertise will allow you to make informed changes to your website.

They can help you implement the best web design techniques that improve the user experience. They will also ensure that your site matches your marketing objectives. With help, you can turn your site into a lead generation machine.

Use Simple Websites for Better UX

Remember, a poor user experience on your website can deter customers. If your website isn't working properly, invest in a responsive, user-friendly website this year. With the help of a web agency, you can use a simple website design to generate leads and sales. 

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