Selling On Ecommerce website - Few instructions

Selling on Ecommerce website, Make user-friendly, Easy for customers to contact you, SEO, Filter functions, Price on catalog page and many more things. Primary photo.

Selling On Ecommerce website - Few instructions

Designing your Ecommerce site isn't just about making it look good. What matters most is the shopping experience provided for visitors. Having the best product or the best offer in the market is not enough to see your sales increase. If those visitors find your website difficult to navigate, they will look for their needs elsewhere.

Here are a few steps, you can say, but necessary; for creating an Ecommerce website that sells.

Make the website user-friendly

Most people browse the internet using mobile phones. If your website is not user-friendly, the navigation will be confusing, forcing visitors to leave your online store.

Should incorporate social media links

Social media is the new customer service tool. 

Nowadays, many internet users rely on social media to get more information about services and products. So, make your social media accounts accessible through your website.

Do this by adding a visual component to your social media links and not just using those pages.

Make it easy for your customers to contact you

Your contact form or contact details should always be visible to your visitors. The best way to do this is to include a link to your contact form or all your contact details on every page of your website. You can also add a live chat section that allows visitors to connect with your representatives for more information.

Let your visitors know where they are

Use cookies to make navigating your site easier by showing your visitors where they are on your website. This key system allows them to understand the structure of the page reached.

Keep the search engine right

If you sell a variety of products or services, the search engine will be very important for consumers to search for the same thing. Keeping this strategy in mind can invite them to do more research and spend more time on your website.

Add filter functions

Make it easy for visitors to search for specific items by integrating filter functions. Consumers should be able to refine their search based on, for example, their size, preferred color, price range and more.

Show price on catalog page

Price is one of the main things that should be clearly defined. Then, display prices directly on your catalog page so users don't have to click on each product to check its price. 

Clarify your inventory and shipping costs

When you spend time shopping on your website, it can be frustrating to go through the checkout process and find that some of the items purchased are out of stock. So be sure to talk about your products, both on the product page and on the catalog page.

Also include shipping options on each product page to avoid shoppers being surprised by shipping costs at the final stage of the purchase.

Use high-quality images

Photos of your products play a very important role in the decision of your visitors. This will be a great reason for you to display high-quality images that attract the attention of visitors and interest in the product.

Include more product variations

Visitors to your Ecommerce site will want to see your content better. Add an image of your product showing dimensions, color, size...etc.

Selling on Ecommerce website, Make user-friendly, Easy for customers to contact you, SEO, Filter functions, Price on catalog page and many more things. Secondary photo.

Add Product View

Offer customers who want to view products quickly without leaving the catalog page. This function can take a zoom mode when you hover over the image. 

Keep your product page clear

Organize your product page by providing a clear display of the various information provided (name, description, price, etc.).

Make sure your content can be understood by using fonts that are easy to use.

Add related content

Inspire your visitors with content related to the products they are interested in. For example, on the computer page, show other things that go with it, such as keyboards, tablets and similar things.

Leave the basket visible

The basket must be visible on every page of the online store. Once the selection of products to buy is complete, consumers need to find their way to the cart and the checkout process. Be careful, online shoppers don't want to be sent directly to the cart when they add an item.

Eliminate distractions during checkout

You don't want customers to abandon the checkout process once they reach it. Therefore, get rid of anything that can create distractions such as related products, new offers and others and make them focus on the purchase.

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