On your Ecommerce website: How to sell many more products.

Ecommerce website, Sell many more products, Competitor’s price, Add value, CSE Services, Resolution and clarity of photos, Upselling. Primary photo.

On your Ecommerce website: How to sell many more products

There is nothing more frustrating than building your new ecommerce site and not seeing results after months.

The worst thing is that when you pay to host your website and pay the staff (potentially), you don't get any money in return. Below are some ways to increase your sales and establish yourself as a leader in your niche. Please note that results may vary with content intended for shipping websites but may be used for other types of businesses.

1. Competitor’s Price

2. Add value

3.CSE Services

4. Resolution and clarity of photos

5. Upselling

1. Competitor’s Price

Selling your product at a lower price than your competitors is a common strategy, but it's also a battle that can keep you out of business if you're not flexible. This method may work for some products, but it may not work for everyone. Price is one of the main factors that consumers use when determining where to buy their products, but it will take more than a cheap price to build trust in a reliable source of income. strength. Now be aware that if you lower your price to "low", your competitors may do the same, which may lead to a price war. Price wars don't end well for small businesses and if you sell too much land, you won't make a profit.

2. Add value

This is the most important thing to remember and the most valuable. Adding value is more important than getting sales. If you treat people with respect and help answer questions, they may not buy but what if they tell their 400+ friends on social media about how great you are and 5 of them Buy on your site? Anyone who meets your business should be a priority because you never know who will find your website. Once you start selling products online, you will be surprised to know that people will buy from you even if your price is higher than your competitors. Not only are you building trust, but you're giving them added value that other finishes can't provide.

The easiest way to add value is through content; Write quality, long content on your web pages and product pages to describe each product and add value to the end user. I recommend creating a short video for each of your pages or even for each product, people like to engage with the content, before buying. Google also supports websites that make people engage for a long time with images / videos is a good way to do this.

Ecommerce website, Sell many more products, Competitor’s price, Add value, CSE Services, Resolution and clarity of photos, Upselling. Secondary photo.

3. CSE Services

Excellent customer service, I can't stress it enough. Being customer focused is a great skill and competitive advantage. Talking to a real person or getting a response within 24 hours is one of the easiest ways to build trust that will eventually lead to money. If you're a small business with one or two employees, it can be difficult to get 24-hour customer service, but responding to any questions or concerns will help you grow your business. Finally, being there for your customers is important.

4. Resolution and clarity of photos

Having good photos and videos on your site will help you sell more. Just make sure they are accurate pictures of the product. You don't want to deceive people and lie. As a buyer, there is nothing more frustrating than a seller using a product image from another site and the product you receive does not look like the picture. When making a video, make sure to showcase the product and make sure you speak clearly/loudly. You'll want to stand out, so make sure your image stands out!

5. Upselling

Upselling is one of the simplest and decent ways to make more money. Let's say you sell "microfiber car mats." These are nothing more than soft towels that are used to dry your car after washing it. But this is your chance to sell another product that goes along with this, like car wax, rim cleaner, or even a bucket to hold the water/soap when you wash your car. This is how you grow your business and increase your annual income by offering products that go hand in hand.

Who knows, if you use it for your microfiber towel website, you could become a one stop shop for everyone's car washing needs. But it takes time, so be patient and enjoy the ride!

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